Career Opportunites

Colormay takes pride in his people and also is the honor of them. As an ambitious enterprise, we have made, are making and will make our team full of elites with might and main. Only in this way, can we be the leader in the field of display equipments. WE WANT YOU!




Core values:

Customer is first, Teamwork, Embracing change, Integrity, Passion, Dedication

Business prospects:

Scale, group leader of the exhibition;to be international famous brands Exhibition equipment designated supplier.

Operation philosophy:

Whereby high-quality exhibitions products to improve the image of customers’ products and corporate brand ; offer competitive branding solutions and services, continued to create maximum value for customers.


Equally stress on integrity and ability, with integrity first.

Social responsibility:

The company is like a tree, and workers are its roots. Big tree has deep roots and luxuriant leaves. Also the tree and its roots are linked together, closely related. Develop the enterprise with a joint responsibility.


Starting a business is not easy, but keeping it going is rather difficult, and expanding it is even more difficult. The difficulty lies in struggling among competitors.

Good quality leads to good reputation, and then it comes to the economic benefit. We should be industrious, learn from faults and accumulate virtue.



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